Life’s an Illusion, Love is a Dream

This week I went to the exhibition Life’s an Illusion, Love is a Dream at The Royal Standard curated by Frances Disley.  The artist-curator says that one of the most exciting things about producing the show was sending the text that she wrote to artists and seeing how they responded.

One of the artists that she approached was David Osbaldeston, thinking he would offer to lend her a billboard sized etching.  She was, after all, interested in the ‘epic in art’. However, he proposed that she exhibit two handmade buildings the size of architect’s models; each sculpture crafted from images of the other structure.  Disley describes his process as “a deceptive game of reiteration” and says that they like all the works in the show combine a sideways look at ‘the epic’ with “something extra… a spiritual quality”.

Other surprises came in the form of a brand new body of work by Kaye Donachie and a touchingly personal series of pieces from Roderick Maclachlan.  Donachie exhibits widely and internationally (including a previous Liverpool outing at the Walker Art Gallery).  Maclachlan is less well known and Disley hopes that “people will visit the exhibition and be introduced to Roderick for the first time.”  His cinematic-photographic-installations stand out in a show of extremely high quality work. I hope the images below whet your appetite, but they don’t do the exhibition justice – if you get the chance over the next two weekends I recommend you give the show a look.

The exhibition is open Friday-Saturday until 27 July 2013.  Frances Disley is one of the four outgoing directors delivering an exhibition or event at the artist led venue this summer.  Keep an eye out on their website (here) for details of forthcoming events. The Royal Standard is an artist-led studio and gallery at Vauxhall Road, Liverpool.

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